Fees for your consultation and tests


Consultations include general eye health and vision check.

Initial Consultation £250.00
Follow-up Appointment £180.00
Phasing of Intraocular Pressure £200.00
Contact Lens Teach £100.00

During your consultations, you may need to have tests that are charged additionally, most commonly to decide the health of the optical nerve, the cornea and your peripheral vision.

Pachymetry £50.00
Visual Field £135.00
OCT Scan (Ocular Coherence Tomography) £220.00
Eye Consultation
Glaucoma Care Annual Package

As some private health insurance companies sometimes do not cover routine check-ups for glaucoma, we offer an annual package to cover those visits. Please contact the clinic regarding this annual package with Professor Lim, which includes consultations as well as tests.