Kersley Eye Clinic Fees

Fees for your consultation and tests


Consultations include general eye health and vision check. Please see additional tests as these may be required.

Initial Consultation

£ 250

Follow-up Appointment

£ 180

Remote Consultation

£ 100

Pre-operative Consultation

£ 180

Post-operative Consultation

£ 180

Annual Check (under 2 years since last appointment)

£ 180

Annual Check (over 2 years since last appointment)

£ 220

Repeat Prescription

£ 30

Email advice / phone call queries

£ 20

Pathology test review

£ 20


Consultation additional tests, most commonly to decide the health of the optical nerve, the cornea and your peripheral vision.

Visual Acuity

£ 48

Visual Fields

£ 135

Ocular Coherence Tomography

£ 220


£ 150


£ 20

Phasing of Intra-ocular Pressures

£ 200

Intra-ocular Pressure check (Ocular tonometry)

£ 20

Corneal Pachymetry

£ 104

Corneal Topography (including Pentacam)

£ 104

Contact Lens Fitting - New Consultation

£ 250

Glaucoma Care Annual Package

As some private health insurance companies do not cover routine check-ups for glaucoma, we offer an annual package to cover those visits. Please contact the clinic regarding this annual package with Professor Lim, which includes consultations as well as tests.

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